Our New Year’s Resolutions fall mostly into two categories: 1) doing fewer bad things, and 2) doing more good things. But in the wake of a pandemic, societal and cultural stresses, and a string of disasters across the past two years, it’s time for a more meaningful approach to planning your new year.

It’s time for a reset. And spending time in nature may be the key to getting started.

Author Anne Lamott famously said, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes … including you.” The act of unplugging has been particularly difficult, however, in a time when school schedules have been disrupted, millions have shifted to working from home, goods and services we enjoy or depend on have been interrupted, and anxiety levels across the population have increased.

These times call for more than a review of our obligations and a quick list of do’s and don’ts. We need a deeper examination of how our lives are structured in a world that is considerably different than the one that ushered in 2020. We need to reflect, to disconnect from all that is vying for our attention, to shut out the noise and use the quiet to assess where we are, what’s important to us, and what our next steps should be.

The best advice on how to get started can be summed up in two words: “get out.” Research points to the natural world as a remedy for the anxiety, burnout, stress, and mental fatigue so many are dealing with. An article for the Yale School of the Environment highlights numerous benefits of spending time outdoors:

  • lowered blood pressure and stress hormone levels
  • reduced nervous system arousal
  • enhanced immune system function
  • increased self-esteem
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved mood
  • reduced feelings of isolation
  • greater sense of calm

The Bluff View Cabins at Mentone could be the center of your 2022 reset. The comfortable cabins are well-appointed and provide an uncluttered backdrop for your reevaluation process. Perched on the edge of Lookout Mountain in Alabama, they provide stunning deck views of the valley below and distant mountains, encompassing parts of three states.

While isolated from the busyness of life, these cabins are a short distance from the Little River Canyon National Preserve and DeSoto State Park, offering hiking trails, waterfalls, wildlife observation, outdoor recreation, and breathtaking vistas into one of the deepest canyon systems east of the Mississippi River.

Just 4.5 miles from your cabin door is the heart of the mountain hamlet of Mentone, with its quaint shops and eclectic restaurants. Nearby Fort Payne offers more shopping and dining choices.

Mentone is ideally located for what the American Psychological Association’s Dr. David Ballard describes as a stress recovery experience, allowing you to truly disconnect, plan relaxing activities, and find stimulated activities that are not related to work.

The Bluff View Cabins at Mentone range in size from small studio-style cabins to a large three-bedroom cabin to accommodate your entire family. Learn more at www.stayatmentone.com.